Ohmega Energy



Ohmega Energy GmbH sees themselves as an innovative partner for smart grid solutions with their know-how regarding reliable and efficient power supply in the sector of renewable energies.

We concentrate intensively on the secured design of intelligent power grids – SMART GRIDS.


Energy storage systems
  • Monitoring of power supply and provision of reserve power to compensate temporary grid interferences
  • Isolated solutions with battery storage
  • Back-up systems with generator or grid connection
Integration of renewable energies in smart networks
  • Integration in the public distribution and transmission grid
  • Grid stabilisation during production, transmission and distribution of electricity
  • Electric charging stations for e-mobility applications
Small wind plants
  • Up to 15 kW bottleneck output at 10 m/s nominal wind speed
  • Maintenance-free rotor brake
Photovoltaic systems
  • Building-integrated photovoltaics
  • Flat-roof solutions in modular format

Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie uns:

Ohmega Energy GmbH
Am Johannesberg 1 A-1100 Wien



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